Poetry from a Friend

Glow's Friend's Poetry
Life's accomplishments

Written by my good friend Ruth -- after she read some of my poetry.

My Dearest Friend Gloria,
I visited you home page today and have some thoughts

So much yearning shows
And sorrow too for the written and uttered word
Not penned or said.
So much longing for things sensed undone
And forever unaccomplished.

A child's beginning is full of gallant
and wondrous dreams:
Slay the dragon

We are of one soul alone,
Together but ultimately alone
Able to reach only what our hearts feel,
Our bodies allow,

Bits and pieces are collected along the way:
Happiness, Joy, Peace, Sorrow, Pain
Has the best been done with what
Was allowed to enter?
Has Kismet been kind?
Has the spirit been willing? The body?

But is there acceptance?
To revel in our oneness, out gallantry

Yearning and sorrow is the soul , too.
Not knowing pain is not to savor life.
Yet abiding it as life is to cede.

My Dear Friend,
Accomplished, loving, kind, strong, industrious,
Resourceful, sweet, spiritual, musical, artistic and beautiful.
Your yearning is for naught.

You are.
by Ruth Pellmann