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The Cattle and Hillestad Family in Wisconsin of Norwegian Immigrants

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Ola Erikson Hillestad and Randi Torsteinsdtr. Kjorkjevoll are Gloria's Great-Great-Grandparents and also Per Olsson Skjerdal and Kari Torseinsdtr. Berge.

Ole Olson Hillestad and Brita Pedersdtr. Berge and Gabriel Veka

Haaverson and Borghild Kolbeinsdtr. Fisketjon are Gloria's Great-Grandparents.

Erick Hillestad and Brita Haavorson and Lewis Cattle and Alice Purvis are Gloria's Grandparents.

Hillestad and Cattle Family Hillestad and Cattle Family

son, Ole Hillestad, son of Ola Erikson Hillestad and Randi Torsteinsdtr. Kjorkjevoll. Ole was born in 1819 in Laerdal,

He was married in 1846 to Brita Pedersdtr. Berge. Brita, the daughter of Per Olsson Skjerdal and Kari Torseinsdtr. Berge, was born in 1822 in Laerdal, Norway. Ole, Brita and their 3 children left Laerdal on April 15 1852 and sailed from Bergen on May 21st. They joined the Spring Prairie Church in 1853 and left for Lemonweir in 1856. They had four children living with them.

Settlers from Laerdal Township came to Juneau County in 1856. Ole Olson Hillestad, his wife Brita Pedersdtr.,and their five children came to Lemonweir in 1856 and settled in Fountain Township. Ole and Brita emigrated in1852. They joined the Spring Prairie Church in southern Columbia County, which served settlers in both Dane and Columbia counties, in 1853. They probably became aware of land in Juneau County from their pastor,Herman A. Preus. They used the last name of Olson.

By the 1870 Census, Fountain Twp, New Lisbon this was the listing for the family:

Oleson, Ole 54, m. far $1,600/$320 Nor

" , Betsy (Brita) 49, f. housekeeping

" , Carry (Kari) 24, f. "

Kari, b. Jun 4, 1846, Laerdal, Norway; confimed, Nov 7, 1862, ELC;

m. Jul 21, 1870, Knud Haakonsen. Haakonsen, Knud son of Haakon Knudson and Kari Nilsdtr. Knud was born in 1849/50 in Roldal Township, Hordaland County, Norway. He was married on July 21, 1870 in Juneau County, Wisconsin by Rev. St. S. Reque to Kari Olsdatter. They were residents of Fountain Township. The witnesses were Ole O. Hillestad and Haakon Knudsen (ELCR). Kari, the daughter of Ole Hillestad Olsen and Britha Pedersdtr. Berge, was born on June 4, 1846 in Laerdal Township, Sogn og Fjordane County, Norway. She emigrated with her parents in 1852.

Knud and Kari moved to a farm in Gorton Township in Grant County, Minnesota after 1876. They appear in the 1880 census with their children, Haakon, age 9; Bertie, age 5; and Theodore, age 3. Karin Annetta had probably died. Grant County is in west central Minnesota just east of the boundary between North and South Dakota (US Cen, MN, 1880, Children (ELCR):

Haakon Olaus, b. May 20, 1871; bp. Jun 7, 1871 (spon: Ole O. Hillestad, Ole, jr, Haakon Knudsen,Britha Pedersdtr.,
Serine Haakonsen, and Souneva ?).

Karin Annetta, b. Mar 11, 1873; bp. Jun 2, 1873 (spon: Haakon Knudsen & k, Siri Haakonsdtr., and Sjur Thorsen Haara).

Britha, b. June 23, 1874; bp. Aug 23, 1874 (spon: Tjostov O. Selland & k, Metta Endresdtr., and Haakon Knudsen).

Theodor Olaus, b. Jul 21, 1876; bp. Aug 6, 1876 (spon: Bjorn Olsen, Sigrid Torjusdtr., Halvor Albertsen, Ole Hillestad, and
Brita Hillestad).

" , Ole 21, m. Wis

Ole, b. Jan 25, 1849, Laerdal, Norway; confirmed, Jul 9, 1865, ELC; m.

1880, Christina (b. 1856, WI); occ: farmer; res: Gorton Twp, Grant Co,

MN (US Cen, MN, 1880).

" , Rudy (Randi) 16, f. attended school "

Randi (Ruby), b. Aug 17, 1853, Spring Prairie, Columbia Co, WI

(Spring Prairie Births); confirmed, Dec 6, 1868, ELC; d. Jul 7, 1873 age 21


" , Susan (Synneva) 14, f. attended school "

Synneva (Souneva) (Susan), b. Feb 14, 1856, Spring Prairie, Columbia

Co, Wis (Spring Prairie Births); confirmed, Jun 4, 1871, ELC; m. Oct 26,

1877, New Lisbon, Juneau Co, WI, Kolbein Fisketjern Gabrielsen..

" , Erick 3, m.

Erik, b. Jan 8, 1867; baptized. Feb 8, 1867, E Lem (spon: Endre Einarson, Einar Endresen, Siri Knudsdtr., and
Christine Hansdtr.). "

Peder, b. Dec 25, 1851, Laerdal, Nor.

A son Peder, b. Mar 19, 1859, Juneau Co; baptized. May 10, 1859, E Lem (spon: Lars Hansen, Lars Olsen, Anne
Olsdtr.,Mari Hansdtr.).

Torstein, b. Jun 24, 1861, Juneau Co; baptized. Jul 14, 1861, E Lem (spon:

Ole Jensen & k, Erik Endresen, and Guro Olsdtr.); d. Aug 4, 1868, Juneau Co (ELCR).

A daughter Petra Oline was born in 1865, but died before 1870.

Petra Oline, b. Jan 7, 1865; baptized Aug 13, 1865, E Lem (spon: Aslak

Halvorsen, Einar Endresen, Ole Olsen, Kari Olsdr., Syneva Olsdr., and Kjersti


Ole was a witness at his daughter Kari's wedding. Ole and Brita left Juneau County. Two of their children, Kari and Ole, were in Gorton Township in Grant County, Minnesota in 1880. Perhaps they moved in Minnesota in the 1870s. (More to be added to this later)

Hillestad (Hyllestad), Erick or Halvor

Erick married Brita Haavorson. Brita, the daughter of Gabriel Veka Haavorson and Borghild Kolbeinsdtr. Fisketjon, was born on Jan 26, 1868 in Wisconsin. Erick probably died before 1909. (He actually died in 1906 and buried in the Poskin Cemetary in Wisconsin). Brita was married, second, on December 5, 1909 to Halvor Erikson Halvorson.


Ben Richard of the Hillestad Cattle Family

Ben Richard, b. Jan 15, 1890, Norcross, MN; conf, 1913, .Bene1.jpg Hillestad, Ben (Benne) Richard son of Erick Hillestad and Brita Haavorson. Bennie was born on January 15, 1890 in
Norcross, Minnesota. He went to Saskatoon, Canada when he was 17 and homesteaded for 8 years. Bennie became ill while visiting his mother and stepfather at their farm home in Rocky Run, Clifton Township, Monroe County.

He remained with his mother until 1937 when he regained his health enough to purchase a small farm at
Gilman, Wisconsin.

Bennie died on January 2, 1944 of a heart attack at Gilman and was buried on January 5, 1944 in the
Fountain Lutheran

Cemetery (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 250; FCR; obit, New Lisbon, Jan 6, 1944).

Carl Theodore, b. Feb 3, 1897, WI; conf, Nov 30, 1913, .

Carl was born on February 3, 1897 in Wisconsin. He died on March 23, 1953 in Kendall and was buried on
March 26,

1953 in the Fountain Lutheran Cemetery (JCGS Cem Bk 3, p. 250; FCR).

Bena, b. ?; m. ? Sazgard; res: St. Paul, MN, 1944.

Agnes Olivia, b. Mar 9, 1899, WI; conf, Nov 22, 1914, m. ? Anderson; res: St. Paul, MN, 1944, 1954.

Lena, b. ?; m. ? Steffen; res: Davenport, IA, 1954.

Clara Petrine, b. Sep 30, 1902, WI; conf, Nov 30, 1916,; m. (1) ? Hansen; res: Wis Rapids, 1944; m. (2) ?

Hostock; res: No. Hollywood, CA, 1954.

Gilbert, b. Jan 25, 1900, WI; conf, Dec 12, 1920.

Hillestad, Gilbert son of Erick Hillestad and Brita Haavorson.

Gilbert was born on January 23, 1905. He was married on June 26, 1943 at the bride's home in Hustler to Janet Alicia Cattle (See Cattle (Mom's Page)) Janet, the daughter of Lewis Cattle and Alice Purvis, was born on October 22, 1917. Janet was baptized and confirmed in the Fountain Church on December 25, 1943. They lived in Poynette, Wisconsin in 1953. Gilbert and Janet are buried in the Fountain Lutheran Cemetery.

Gloria Janet, b. Oct 7, 1945; baptized Nov 11, 1945, at Fountain Lutheran Church.
Alicia Joy, b. Jan 2, 1949; baptized Mar 27, 1949, at Fountain Lutheran Church.
Erik Leslie, b. Aug. 9, 1949; baptized in Poynette

Gloria has all the updated information on this family and will be updating from time to time.

. Gilbert Hillestad and Step-dad Halvor Halverson

Haavorson (Havardson), Gabriel Veka son of Havard Gauteson Veka and Brita Bjornsdtr. Berge. Gabriel was born in 1839 in Suldal, Norway. He was the brother of Brita (see Johnson, John Lunde). Gabriel was married in 1858 in Suldal, Norway to Borghild (Borgilla) Kolbeinsdtr. Fisketjon. Borghild, the daughter of Kolbein Jonson Fisketjon and Borghild Pedersdtr. Tjostheim, was born in 1831 in Suldal, Norway (Gamle Suldal, pp. 348, 403). They came to America in May 1861 and joined the East Lemonweir Church in May 1864. Gabriel also used the last name of Fisketjern. Their daughter, Britha Hendrikka, used the name Hillestad at the time of her marriage. Borghild died on October 26, 1883 age 53. She was buried on October 29, 1883


Children (known):

Kolbein, b. 1858, Suldal, Nor; conf, Sep 22, 1872, ELC (see Gabrielson, Kolbein).

Britha, b. Dec 20, 1861; bp. Feb 5, 1862, E Lem (spon: Niels Bjornsen, John Johnsen, Martha Torgersdr., and Torbjor

Bertha, b. Jan 29, 1864; bp. May 13, 1864, E Lem (spon: Ole Nielsen, Ole Olsen Orevig, Helga Nielsdr., and Thorbjor

Borgilde Gurine, b. Jun 23, 1866, Juneau Co; bp. Aug 12, 1866, E Lem (spon: John Johnsen, Ole Olsen, Brita
Thorsteinsdr., Ragnhilde Mikkelsdr., and Anna Johannesdr.); d. Mar 25, 1875, age 9 years.

Britha Hendrikke, b. Jan 26, 1868; bp. Apr 14, 1868 (spon: Helge Olsen, Nils Olsen, Nils Nilsen, Anna Gislesdtr.,
Britha Johanneson, and Margit Nilsdtr.); conf, Aug 20, 1882, WLC; m. (1) Erick Hillestad (see); m. (2) Dec 5, 1909, Halvor
Eriksen Halvorsen (see).

Inga Karine, b. Dec 2, 1871; bp. Apr 7, 1872 (spon: Bjerne Osmundsen, John Bjernesen, Paal Paalsen, Britha Haaversdtr.,
and Anger Knudsdtr.).

Hillestad, Ola Eriksen (soldat - soldier) son of Erik Johannesson Hillestad and Guro Olsdtr. Traao. Ola was born in 1782 in Laerdal, Norway. He was married in 1806 to Randi Torsteinsdtr. Kjorkjevoll. Randi, the daughter of Torstein Olsson Kirkevold and Sonneva Torrisdtr. Borlo, was born in 1787 in Laerdal. Ola died in 1819 in Laerdal. Randi died in 1855 in Laerdal (LB v. 1, pp. 198, 257, 266).


Sonneva, b. 1806, Laerdal, Nor; m. 1831, Ola Jensson Li (b. 1804); emig. USA, 1857; d. 1879.

Erik, b. 1809, Laerdal, Nor; drowned, 1827. Torstein, b. 1813, Laerdal, Nor.

Guro, b. 1816, Laerdal, Nor; m. 1844, Endre Einarson; emig. 1857 (see Anderson, Endre).

Ola, b. 1819, Laerdal, Nor (see Olson, Ole Hillestad).

Hillestad Family from Laerdal, Norway

Relationship of Einar Nelson and Endre Anderson

Johannes m. (1) Kari m. (2) Kristen

Erikson 1756 Einarsdtr. 1758 Nilsson

Hillestad | Nygard | Hillestad

1722-1758 | 1734-1814 | 1726-1778

(see) | | (see)

| |

| | |

Erik Einar Nils

Johannesson Kristenson Kristenson

Hillestad Bruknappen Nedre Kvame

1757-1790 1765-1824 1769-1836

(see) (see) (see)

m. 1779 m. 1794 m. 1799

Guro Metta Randi

Olsdtr. Sjursdtr. Einardtr.

Traao Bruknappen Nese

1748-1823 1771-1862 1768-1851

| | |

Ola Endre Einar

Erikson Einarson Kvame

Hillestad Anderson Nelson

1782-1819 1813-1867 1810-1887

(see) (see) (see)

m. 1806 m. 1844 m. 1840


Randi | Guri

Torsteinsdtr. | Paalsdtr.

Kjorkjevoll | Eggum

1787-1855 | 1821-

| |

| | |

Guro Ole |

Olsdtr. Hillestad |

Hillestad Olson |

1816- 1819- |

| (see) |

Hillestad, Erik Johannesson s of Johannes Erikson Hillestad (see) and Kari Einarsdtr. Nygard. Erik was born in 1757 in Laerdal, Norway. He was married in 1779 to Guro Olsdtr. Traao. Guro, the dau of Ola Andersson Traao and Brita Olsdtr. Moen/Hillestad, was born in 1748 in Laerdal. Erik died in 1790 in Laerdal. Guro married, second, in 1791 to Guttorm Tomason Hillestad (b. 1848). Guro died in 1823 (LB v. 1, pp. 157, 256-7).


Johannes, b. 1780, Laerdal; d. 1812.
Ola, b. 1782, Laerdal (see Hillestad, Ola Erikson).
Brita, b. 1786, Laerdal; d. 1841.
Einar, b. 1789, Laerdal; d. 1844.

Hillestad, Johannes Erikson son of Erik Ingebrigtson Tufte (Tofto) (1688-1728) and Gro (Guro) Lassesdtr. Hillestad (? - ?). Johannes was born in 1722 in Laerdal, Norway. He was married in 1756 to Kari Einarsdtr. Nygard. Kari, the daughter of Einar Hallvardson Nygard and Unni Olsdtr., was born in 1734. Johannes died in 1758. Kari was remarried in 1758 to Kristen  Nilsson Hillestad (see). Kari died in 1814 (LB v. 1, pp. 256, 296, 444).

Erik, b. 1757, Laerdal (see Hillestad, Erik Johannesson).

Hillestad and Cattle Family

 Gilbert Hillestad and Step-dad Halvor Halverson