Poems and Prayers

Ode to my Love

I love you in the morning
I love you in the day
I love you in the evening
And at the close of the day.
My love is deeper, than the depths of earth
And higher than the universe
And much wider then from East to West.

I love you in the morning
When you’re selecting clothes
And scurring about your morning chores
And when you’re getting dressed
And even when you’re sleeping
You are my sweet and dearest.

I love the way you smile and sometimes wrinkle your nose
And when you touch or kiss me
You are my sweetheart rose.

I love you when we take a drive
Or when we shop awhile.

I love you in the afternoon
And when the sun is setting low
And when we are on our patio.

I love you in the autumn
When the leaves are coming out
I love you in the summer
When the sun is high and hot.

I love you when the leaves turn colors
And brighten the scenes around

I love you in the winter
When we get to cuddle
And hold each other near.
I love you for the holidays
And all the joy we share
And for all the love and kindness
That comes from here and there.
And all comes together
To make us quite a loving pair.

-----Erv Goller

Welcome to my heart, Lord
Please come on in
Strengthen me for life, Lord
Stay and dwell there in
Give me Love and Patience, Lord
Help me be as you
Let me share Your love, Lord
As You have shared with me.

The Lord will not let any situation or problem occur
that He and you together can't handle on a daily basis.